Our Purpose at Enabling Success Academy, is helping leaders, managers, chief officers, partners and business owners in health and social care sector to make a difference.

We can help you create time, profit and successful partnerships by enabling your success!

This is through unique and easy access to expert knowledge so you can deliver the right results and make every encounter matter.

Enabling Success Academy gives you access to all the tools, resources and support you need to grow a compassionate business with greater confidence. 

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the skills to build a great business as a leader or business owner in Health & Social Care?

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exclusive content and resources, inspiration, downloadable tools, training and support?

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"When you need help from someone with hands-on experience and theory alone is not enough, trust Enabling Success Academy to deliver winning outcomes for clients, staff and your organisation. Jennie brings together 30 years experience and passion from the Health and Social Care Sector to improve business, compassionate care and personal development within the sector. Jennie understands your needs in an ever changing and challenging environment."

What you'll learn inside this blueprint on ’How to REAP What You Sow!’

  • The difference between Entrepreneurial Traits and Practical Skills

  • Discover the genetic make-up of an entrepreneur

  • The 4 questions to ask yourself about your own entrepreneur mind-set

  • How to invite, involve and inspire through your interpersonal skills

  • Assess your power to CREATE

  • The importance of three types of knowledge and what they can do for you.